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Publisher Skin Meadow

Multipurpose skin for FlippingBook Publisher. This publisher theme will turn your digital publication into a piece
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14 May 2015

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A tool for publication of flip books.

Flipbook documents have proven to be attractive publishing medium on the net. Net business, as we all know is all about getting hold of attention of visitors and holding it for sometime. This tool not only converts PDFs to flip book versions but allows users to choose an attractive skin to make it really attention grabbing. This bright and colorful skin will help you make a highly professional impression from your digital publication. The stylish designs produced by this tool will attract more readers to your digital PDF. It is so easy to use that most users will be able to start using it quickly and easily. All it will take to produce an attractive design is just a few mouse clicks.

The developers have taken a lot of efforts combining colors, fonts and flip-effects to make this skin work for users most effectively. You need to just get the skin and the source document to the publishing program you favor and a flipbook integrated with the skin produced by this tool will be created. You can view full size screenshot of Meadow skin in a new window. this is suitable for publications like Ebooks, Digital Brochures, Business Presentations, Business catalogues, Digital Magazines, Design & Photography, Sports, Outdoors & Travel, and many others. The main idea of every business publication is to convert readers to customers. Many different forms of publishing makes sure the message reaches a larger audience. This tool provides you that.

Publisher's description

Multipurpose skin Meadow for FlippingBook Publisher. This publisher theme will turn your digital publication into a piece of art. Your clients and partners will fall in love with your online brochure as well as your brand.
Skin 'Meadow' is suitable with digital publications: book, brochure, business presentation, digital catalogue, online magazine, photo album, sports, outdoors & travel publications.
FlippingBook Publisher is an application for digital publishing. With this application you will be able to create online brochures, business catalogues, photo albums, online books, travel guides and a lot of other publication types that could be essential if you need to increase your brand popularity and get more customers with ease. FlippingBook Publisher software will become your best companion, saving you time and money, and letting you enjoy a quality result.
You need to have a FlippingBook Publisher installed on your PC
You need to have your PDF or doc presentation file ready
A skin for a perfect look
In case you need to make some changes in your new skin you can use FlippingBook Skin Editor which comes together with the professional and business license of the Publisher software. If you dont have such license you may ask our designers help and we will prepare for you both online presentation and FlippingBook Publisher project file that you may use in the future.
We are willing to prepare for you your new online publication with your new skin for free. Please, send us a request via our contact form and in a few days you will have a new digital presentation and a Publisher project file that you can use for making changes in your digital publication.
Upgrade your Digital Publishing together with Publisherskins to the new level!
Publisher Skin Meadow
Publisher Skin Meadow
Version 2.6
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